bad photos

um ya. random and bad attempts at street photography.

that starbucks – i like how the corner of the store (camera left) is all glass/windows and a real street photographer would take a really cool photo of that guy, sitting by the window, with his head down in the book.

and then i looked down as i was passing city hall; and into that grate. i took a picture.

and the out of focus one – well that’s an out of focus shot of a girl walking through a construction tunnel. i like out of focus.

yup. that’s it – except for the snap shot of the guy with the camera. had to take that – just cause ;)

xti + 28mm | all images only sharpened for web. rainy/gray again today (post #sandy) | Note: Please view the images in the gallery at the end of the post, if you want to see the camera settings.

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