Ardean Peters: Toronto Photographer | People & Light

missed light

i left work late today and when i walked outside i looked and saw the remains of what looked to be nice light. so i went in search to see if I could find some left. it was pretty much gone though. soo…

xti + 28mm | all images only sharpened for web. | Please view the images in the gallery at the end of the post, if you want to see the camera settings.

i stopped to take a shot of this grouping of yellow. the light was okay. but i liked the yellow. not a shot i’d normally gravitate to.

not quite the shot i wanted. interesting door & colours – but i wanted to see more. at about 45mm with the crop factor, the 28mm is not quite wide enough.

i think i just might like street/city view shots. this one’s too in focus though 🙂


i didn’t realise that Queen Street was partially closed, when I started walking across it. i felt obligated cause I had a camera in hand, to take a picture of the demolition of the burnt out store. it was much more twilighty/dark by now.

random attempt at street photography. i wasn’t trying to focus – just trying to hold the camera steady from a low position. but i really like this…

love the pink. it’s hard to focus in the near dark.

interior light

i liked the ceiling and the orange flowers 🙂


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