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Time machine

i’ve driven past this – whatever it is – many times in the past. always wondering what it was. it’s always reminded me of a time machine. this is the first time i had the opportunity to stop and take a photo of it.

5DMkII + 28mm f2.8 | Please click an image to view gallery & details


  1. I believe in vampires werewolves elves fairies and all things supernatural and that is why I loved your post, I admire your imagination and your images… you took me to a different place and time. thanks for sharing xx


    • I didn’t really take time here – because it’s literally the side of the road – and I was driving and pulled up on to/not sure if i’d get a ticket. But I could see you or another photographer with more vision then I, making some really cool images here 🙂

      I didn’t get a chance to use it for portraiture – but I do like the space you get with it – and I can see myself easily move close to and away from (zooming with my feet) my subjects while photographing them. But, after having used the 50 1.4 and 85 1.8 for so long – this lens is SOO loud and really hunts for focus at times. The focus I don’t mind as much – but with it being loud – it’d be really noticeable if you were shooting/documenting in tight quarters (like a bride getting ready). It’s really loud! Otherwise, I’d have to shoot manual focus with it all the time – to combat that.

      As it turns out, I decided to return it. The noise is just to bothersome for me – that plus I’m saving to move and need the $225 it cost!


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