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i shoot with my phone…

… now that I’m downtown (yay!), I’m taking advantage of the ability to shoot daily, not only with my dslr camera’s (film starting next week!) but also with my cell phone camera. And since was opened up to us androids (go team Samsung!), I’ve taken advantage of the fact that not only can you simultaneously upload to facebook & twitter, you also can upload directly to tumblr. So now I’m also a daily ‘tumblr’. You can check out my daily cell phone pics here: And here, are some of the pics I captured today on my phone…

1.Building under renovation, reflected in the opposite building 2. Girls sitting in front a great skyline view outside Roy Thompson Hall 3. Beside Roy Thompson (thinking of doing a portrait here…) 4. Woman outside TD towers 5. Looking up to Commerce Court (this is a bad hdr image – 2 images combined to capture the highlights and shadows the camera couldn’t on it’s own) 6. Hometime on the GO train


  1. Be

    I think I’m the only person I know that doesn’t have instagram!!! 😦 My cell is too old for it. Your eye seem to be relaxed when using your cellphone. I can’t wait to see what you do with film!


  2. I’m liking instagram cause it’s what I couldn’t really get into with flickr. I feel more relaxed sharing images there – no judgement. And it’s cool that it can autopost to a tumblr blog. Then I automatically have a record of my daily snaps 🙂 I think you’re right. When I use my phone – there is no thinking about fstop or shutter speed – just snapping the thing that caught my attention. Hmmm… maybe I need a basic point and shoot again – ya, my FILM camera! If you don’t see FILM on my blog in a couple of weeks – you’re allowed to give me a swift kick! 🙂


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