Ardean Peters: Toronto Photographer | People & Light

Light makes all the difference

Toronto Light Photographer - Ardean Peters

It always amazes me how much light changes things. I walk around in wonder looking up at the light bouncing off buildings and how it changes a scene. It’s a wonder I don’t bump into things more often. Today as I walked into work, I passed this building and remembered how, on a lovely light day, it was transformed into this glorious display of mid-toned grays with a bright spark of light coming off the one window (image on the right). And then I realised, again, what a difference light makes. So I turned around and walked back to take a picture of the same building (this time just a snap with my phone) with the light it currently had, so that I could look at the 2 side by side. The same but so different. All because of the light. -ap |

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