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End of the week wrap up

I didn’t take many photo’s this week. Actually, I didn’t take any at all, unless you count yesterday’s cell phone pic or this crazy picture of me jumping in my basement. But let’s pretend you didn’t see that.

This evening I have the pleasure of doing a maternity shoot for my sister’s {who just happened to fly off to Costa Rica yesterday for 3 weeks!} friend. She said she’s up for anything…. mwhuah!!! We’ll be shooting out at Kariya park in Mississauga, so should be fun 🙂

My friend Shelly emailed me about a Google+ Hangout, that Catherine Hall organized with Keith Barrett tv, on the subject of what Copyright is and how it applies to your images, how to share, your rights, etc. She had guests: Christa Laser, Nicole S. Young {her blog won’t open for me?}, Zack Arias, Mike Linksvayer {VP of Creative Commons}, Brian Rose, Trey Ratcliff {his site also doesn’t want open for me, maybe cause of all those full res images}, Keith Barrett and Scott Kelby ‘hanging out’ to talk and share their opinions and experiences with it.

And a quick ‘behind the scenes’ capture on a ‘Wonderland’ themed shoot I helped out on in July. I know Neda is still feverishly working on the edits.

Happy belated Paula {beautiful girl}. We should shoot again, sometime – soon 🙂

Paula Femme Fatale | © Ardean Peters

Paula Femme Fatale | © Ardean Peters

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