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Beautiful light — Plethora of images

It rained suddenly and fiercely Sunday afternoon. That was a good day. I mentioned it here. And after the rain, came this beautiful light. Have I mentioned how much I LOVE light? Well I do. It has this magical property that makes everything look wondrous. The mundane, astounding. This is why I don’t say I’m a ‘nature’ or ‘fine art floral’ or even ‘architectural photographer’. I do photograph flowers and buildings. And I do think them beautiful, but when I do photograph them, more often then not, it’s ‘the light’ that has attracted me to them. It’s always the light.

Below are a bunch of images captured that afternoon. These are all {except for one}, straight out of the camera. And I do love to play with depth of field too. I shoot wide 🙂

All images copyright © Ardean Peters


  1. ardean

    Thank you 🙂

    Evening light! Around 5/6pm after a rain shower.

    The grouping was fairly random. Since I don’t have ‘blogstomp’ {a program that you drop your blog posts pics into and it formats it for you – like on Sachin Khona’s blog, who told me about it} – I made a template in Photoshop Elements that was 2 pics wide, and really, really long – and then just placed my pics on it. Looking back at it, I thought it cool that the fence pics ended up together and the 2 at the end that are like ‘night and day’! 🙂


  2. Raywoman

    These photos are gorgeous, I love them! The sunlight makes me so happy. I’m horribly affected by SAD (seasonal affective disorder) so when summer comes around, I’m one of the happiest people ever.


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