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End of the week wrap up

It’s been a busy one. I have so many thoughts in my head and I have been making lists, and emailing myself and texting myself, like nobody’s business. Afraid that if I didn’t write it down, right now, I’d forget. Changes are afoot. Did I mention that? Well they are. Watch this space.

I attended the Premiere screening of ‘Unity’ at Chalkers Pub on Friday night. As a member of AWF, I worked as Stills Photographer on this short movie. Pics and vid to come!

I had 2 shoots this weekend; Saturday. A 7:30am portrait shoot out at Bluffer’s park. I’d never been before and will have to go back to explore ‘the bluffs’. The 2nd shoot was a newborn shoot. My 4th ever! So tiny and sweet and wondrous.

So I have a lot of work ahead. Today: editing my maternity shoot from last weekend, cleaning, organzing & trying not to be distracted

and a sneek peak of the portrait shoot
Emilia - Photo by Ardean Peters

random | don’t these two just look so much alike?
Kerry Washington | Natalie Portman


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