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The many faces of Tiffany | Toronto Photographer

Happy Friday everybody! So as I get ready to move into the weekend, with both a wedding shoot on Saturday and a Portrait shoot coming up on Sunday morning in studio (woot! #excited!) – I thought it’d be fun to look back on a portrait session I had this summer. Now this was a really fun and unique session and to give you a bit of back story, I actually connected with her online and she happens to be a local Toronto actress! So of course what I did first was to stalk her online. I perused her page and browsed all her links and even went over to her blog. From there, I got lost in watching episodes from the different production’s she’s been a part of like ‘Sweet Fever’ and ‘Leslieville’, to name a few and they are so funny and so good! As an actress Tiffany has that really great funny yet genuine element to the characters she brings to life and I was really intrigued by her and I thought why not let me see if I can set up a session with her. Soooo I messaged her and I said I love your look and I love what you do and it’d be great if you would do a portrait session with me. Low and behold she said yes. So we coordinated a day for us to meet up at the studio and we got to work. Tiffany brought a few wigs and we had a LOT of fun. I have to say she’s the type of person that the picture you created of them from what you saw online is exactly what you get. She’s truly genuine, fun and funny, smart and a great person to be around and I was so happy to be able to do the session with her. From it I made a wonderful new friend and we were able to make some really cool photos that I’m really excited and happy about đŸ™‚

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