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Melissa in the Music Garden | Toronto Portrait Photographer

I never blogged about my shoot with Melissa back on July 19th. Not because she wasn’t the awesome-est [she was!], but because our shoot was the last of 5 consecutive days of shooting – including 1 wedding! I was utterly exhausted by then and had a lot on my plate. Back to Melissa. She is a consummate professional, meeting me on time @ 7am. YES 7am – on a Monday morning no less! It’s all about early morning soft light and it was sweet! We met at the Toronto Music Garden [located at Toronto’s Harbourfront], looking stunning and stylish and ready to go. And did we ever! To be honest, I was literally fighting to keep up with her! Honestly. I’ve had the pleasure of working with other beautiful girls, but Melissa was the first truly professional model I’ve worked with and she took the cake. She easily moved from one lovely pose into another, and another – and all I could do was keep shooting! I really did not have to direct her at all. She knows her body and had awesome physicality and as long as the light allowed, every frame was a real keeper! I can only imagine what we could do with a shoot that had a more definite theme and maybe an outfit change or two 🙂 I would gladly work with her any time!

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