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My sister is a dancer | Toronto Portrait Photography

{ Happy B-day T!}

i ‘realised’ this, after asking her to pose quickly for me yesterday. and as she starts to pose, i’m like, ‘You know how to move – oh that’s right, you’re actually trained in dance!’. Duh! She did formal Ballet training for years and especially as a formally trained Ballet dancer, you are taught how to move and body positioning down to the very tips of your fingers, is important. She recalled that her teacher Donita, would comment when they moved in a particularly un-ballerina way that they were ‘une vache’, a nice way of saying they looked like cows!

I’ll definitely have to press my sister into model service more often – may even have her come to shoots with me to help direct models. There’s an idea!

this image is sooc, except for skin smoothing! quite proud of that.
Canon50D | 17-55mmf2.8 | 1/200 | f2.8 | Iso100 | 48mm – 28″ Soft box, 45 degrees to model, camera right & 2nd bare speedlite on background, but which has no grid and so not able to focus the light. A grid, diy or otherwise, is definitely in my near future!

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