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Rochelle Hanson ~ | That smile. Everyone knows it as Rochelle’s signature. And truth be told, that is truly Rochelle. A bright, positive, loving and most importantly, an encouraging spirit. She is a soul that earnestly gives of herself, encouraging others to live their best lives. And after documenting no less then 6 of her performances and doing a a few photo shoots, in the last 2 years, is someone who I now call friend. She started it all for me. May 2008 I was invited to the Ruth Gospel Concert, and I had recently gotten my first dslr, as a birthday gift. I decided to try it out by shooting some of the performers. At the end of the concert, I gathered emails and sent off my amateur pics. Rochelle sent a grateful email in response and then ended up contacting me to document her first appearance on 100 Huntley Street. And since then, I’ve had the pleasure of photographing her many times.

{click here for more pics and here for her ‘Words to Say’ video and here for a recent behind the scenes vid}

rochelle’s myspace | rochelle’s youtube | rochelle’s facebook | rochelle’s itunes

{behind the scenes video}

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  1. Ardean, your work is SO incredible. I’m so humbled and totally overwhelmed to be one of the subjects at the end of your lens. Thank you so much for the gift of photography that you bring to this world . Amazing 🙂 You are blessed!


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