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And then my computer crashed — Shayne Gray, Behind the Scenes

Ya. not exactly the thing you want to wakeup to on a saturday morning, when you have a list THIS LONG of work to do. I thought ‘whoa is me’. And scratched my head. And tried and tried to re-boot, re-launch, re-something to get it working – but nada. In the end, I had to fork out the cash, I dont’ have to pay for it to get fixed. But you know, not having it for a week, wasn’t all that bad. I’d been so stressed with work to do – that a break, was seriously needed. Maybe the gods were watching. So now it’s catch up time!

And that brings me to a shoot I assisted on a couple of weekends ago. A fellow Toronto photographer >>> Shayne Gray <<< asked me if I wanted to assist him and Cristy on a shoot he was doing with a NY model. I said of course! Any opportunity I get to work with another photographer, is something I’ll jump at. Although I LOVE how much info is shared on-line and how it’s afforded me the ability to be a self taught photographer, I don’t get the chance as often as I’d like, to meet, net-work and share with and observe other photographers. It’s so nice when I can speak to one and I mention iso’s and f-stops and they don’t give me a blank stare (like non-photogs do 🙂

He set the location on the U of T grounds in Toronto – a beautiful campus, with old vine covered buildings. Shayne decided in this shoot to mix ambient light with small flash, something I haven’t tried much of – so it was great to work with him and see how to set up the light ratio’s. My fav shot of the day is this one. I love how strong the model’s face is, juxtaposed with the skyscraper and ‘sun’ in the background. Shout out to Michael Gayden, who was a wonderful and talented model to work with.

I had such a good time and learned so much assisting Shayne. Can’t wait to do it again. Check out the full set of Shayne’s pics >>> here on his blog <<< . Below are some behind the scenes pics I managed to capture 🙂

All images copyright © Ardean Peters

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