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whistle while I work

Or maybe sing a song, or hum a tune. Or listen to Zack Arias [again!] on CreativeLive. Last week was a busy week:  Sore throat on Monday. Late night editing on Tuesday. Late night Toronto networking with @FuchsiaTdot on Wednesday. Sleep on Thursday. Friday email/editing catch-up. Saturday Engagement shoot in Liberty Village until 8pm; then straight to the Contact Gallery opening of 256 Shades of Gray, the graduating digital photography class from Seneca, of which a friend of mine is part of. And then Sunday, a 9:30 am meeting with a potential wedding client. And phew!! This week is playing more catch up. So a couple of previews below, until I get everything edited and posted 😀

An awesome E-session in Liberty Village | A wicked headshot session in the Financial District

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