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Amy Savin — Skylines, Album Release Concert

Amy invited me to come out to her release concert for her first full length album, ‘Skylines’.
It doesn’t seem to me that it was only last June {2010} that I met Amy for the first time, when she hired me to do some promo photos for her. I am honoured that 1 of the photos made it onto her cd cover art! And one of my favorite images I’ve shot of her is used on the album release poster. Beautiful person. Beautiful light. You can’t go wrong!

I have to admit, I arrived at the Elora Road Christian Fellowship a bit late – but with the help of my sister and additional map questing – got there in time to catch the 2nd opening act – Laura Osburn. She is lovely, and I’ll be posting some of the images I grabbed in a future post. In the intermission before Amy and her band-mates took the stage, there was some audience participation involved to win some free cds’s. A mass game of ‘rock, paper, scissors’ was played, until a victor was declared. There was also a lovely rendition of ‘I’m a little Tea-pot’ performed by an audience member. All documented below 🙂

How do I describe Amy’s music? Well, it’s evident she sings with a passion. I am not particularly spiritual. I don’t go to church. Yet I feel connected to her music and when she sings. Hearing someone perform live is such a different experience. There is an openness and honesty to it. There is no judgment, just welcoming. And that is something beautiful to be able to do. She manages to mix up-tempo songs that make you want to move, with beautiful more contemplative songs – that anyone, of any faith can listen to and enjoy and take something away from.

Make sure to check out Amy’s blog to view and listen to some of the live video that was captured that night, during the performance.

And don’t forget to support and buy the cd! {link}

**Photographers note: Except for the first 4 images shot on the Canon 5DMK2 w/85mm f1.8, all the other concert images are shot on the Canon 50D with the 55-250mm f4-5.6 lens**

*Julia King – guest Cellist
*The m.c. played some games with the audience, hence the audience member at the stage performing ‘I’m a little tea-pot’ & the game of ‘rock, paper, scissors’.


  1. r*dean

    Aww, not really Amy 🙂
    I have disc’s to send you with all/the rest of the pics! Sometime this week, when I get a chance.

    Tru – it was a beautiful concert. Amy really is truly a wonder musician and person.


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