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Ese Osa – Fashion Portrait | Toronto Portrait Photographer

A couple of weekends ago, on a Saturday morning in Toronto, I finally met up with model, Ese Osa, to shoot. We had communicated many times over the last year, trying to coordinate a time – and finally I was ready to shoot. As you can see by his Modelling profile, he is very easy on the eyes and photographs well. I’m not a fashion photographer and you can see that in the way I shoot, so I’m calling this a ‘Fashion Portrait’ shoot. We were so lucky to have this great light filtering into shots taken in the alley. I didn’t have too much to do in post at all. I’d definitely like to try this again, with a stylist and makeup artist on board and with more of a concept in place. Working with Ese Osa was so easy and comfortable for our first time shooting together; I definitely look forward to doing it again.

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  1. ardean

    Lol @ Todd Bridges – but I totally see that, now that you’ve said it!
    Jumping shots are tricky! So hard to jump and look good at the same time!
    We got lucky with that one πŸ™‚


  2. Jai

    I am absolutely in love with the first horizontal portrait and the pair underneath it. I’ve been doing some experiments and explorations with natural lighting and shadows. It’s so much fun and the possibilites are endless. Great portraits & lighting!


    • Thank you! LOVE finding great light. I actually have a harder time shooting if the light ISN’T good. Harder for me to ‘see’ the picture. But great light – you just have to click the shutter – love it!


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