Amber in the Gardens | Toronto Portrait Photography

9 thoughts on “Amber in the Gardens | Toronto Portrait Photography”

  1. WOW. She takes on a WHOLE different personality with the outfit change!
    I love the colour contrast of the pinks and greens 🙂 SO VIBRANT!!!
    And the fishy is so cute!!
    My fave photo is the one in front of the BIG BIG builiding. THAT ROCKS.

    Keep up the fab work Ardean!



  2. You’ve been a busy bee! I’ll need to catch up.
    My fave is the diptych with the blurred feet (though I love all of these).
    An awesome location too~Maybe people are much nicer up north =P
    Here in SoCal (at least in places like these) there would be guards/docents jumping at me ready to throw me out or demanding for a permit.


    1. Finally getting older stuff edited and posted 🙂
      It wasn’t busy at all, maybe cause middle of week and not summer.
      Felt much more like a park, with a REALLY nice house!
      We did get reprimanded once though, by an employee.


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