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Laura – Toronto Portrait Photographer

On an early Sunday morning in Oct, with the Sun rising I met Laura to shoot. We walked through grasses, across tracks and into gulley’s, with me searching for the ‘light’. Laura bravely balanced on beams, looking agile and strong, while I crawled in the grass, to ‘get’ the shot. In and out of bushes, we followed the light. No bush could stop us, but one tried it’s best. We even braved wasp filled trailers, trying to create ‘the shot’. And some of the best light – around the back end of some parked trailers. Oh how the light was right. And how beautifully Laura shone in it.

Images Copyright © Ardean Peters


  1. Jai

    I think the actual adventure of a shoot, crawling, climbing and laying on the ground to “get the shot” is one of my favorite things about shooting. My clients always joke about me being all in the ground and in grass trying to get the shot. Lol

    Shot # 8 and the portrait of her in front of the trailer are my favorites. The lighting and colors in the 8th portrait are absolutely stunning.


    • That’s one of the things I love too! It’s like I get a to be a kid. Being the photographer and the ‘need’ to get the shot, sanctions you to be able to ‘play’! Sometimes I get down on the ground and it’s SO comfortable – I don’t wanna get back up! Or I’m jumping up on ledges, hanging off walls – it’s so much fun! 🙂

      Shot # 8. An example of just always having your camera ready. Laura was delicately trying to dismount the pile of railway ties, and I kept shooting. I love these moments.

      The trailer shot was really hard for me. Didn’t know how to compose it. Kept thinking, “man, another photog with a different esthetic, could do wonders with it!’. So we only got this shot and then the wasps scared us away!


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