Dave – Toronto Headshot Photography

5 thoughts on “Dave – Toronto Headshot Photography”

  1. LOL ~ yes very easy on the eyes..
    My bad that I scrolled up and down a few times to make sure I didn’t miss a detail? Of your work of course 😉
    Oh hello..yes the light you got would’ve had me excited too! I love all, most especially the last pic since I probably would have blown out the shot…The 85 is great esp if you’re alotted all the time in the world. All natural light and no flash?


  2. Yes, no flash used. I want to try doing some 1-lighting, but I’m still trying to just get used to shooting on location and being comfortable with my shoulder camera bag of lenses and switching those out. To carry a light stand and umbrella too, is a whole other thing, since I’m shooting by myself.

    The last image(s) were actually the worst light. I’ve shot at that wall before and the light was much better. The time we were there this time though, it was pretty flat and boring, so the editing is what really brought it out. This is the sooc image.


    1. Thanks Jessica! The light was really good in most spots that day, which is why i think it had such a ‘real’ look to them. I know a lot of people like the 50mm on the full frame, but I can’t seem to make it work as well for me 🙂


      1. Gotta love it when the light is naturally perfect. I fell in love with the 35mm about a year & a half ago so that’s what I use for all of my portraits except for the group shots. I’ve been thinking about investing in both a 50mm & an 85mm within the coming months, though.


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