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Karen | Toronto Headshot & Portrait Photography

So awhile back (yes, I’ve been very lax in posting), I said Karen could pull off a “Wonder woman spin and sexy leg pose…”. You can see what I’m talking about right here. πŸ™‚ Along with that, Karen can also rock the ‘sweet as candy’, ‘running hair flip’ (which is not easy to accomplish) and a ‘super sensuous’ look. She is after all an Actress. I met her when I covered “The Saga of James Applebommerplank’s Love Triangle Affair”, last February. You can see her in some of those pictures in this blog post. She played the lover scorned or ‘crazy stalker lady’. Ya, the plot was great, it had tons of laughs and on top of that, it was a musical!

So I was happy when Karen agreed to come out and help me try out some location headshots. And we had tons of fun. Wandering around, looking for good light and locations. As you can see in one of the shots, she found a very willing partner! Thanks again Karen! I had so much fun with you and Lisa too! πŸ™‚


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