Ardean Peters: Toronto Photographer | People & Light

Toronto Pillow Fight 2012

Well, I guess I have to preface this by saying my pictures suck. Shooting in black and white didn’t suck. LOVE how that looks. Shooting in MANUAL focus didn’t suck. LOVE how that looks. What sucked was my choice of lens’ – 50mm and 85mm on full frame. AND, I realised that as soon as I ventured the nerve to go up to the pillow fight area and put the camera to my face. 50mm is not wide enough. The reason I choose those though, was because they’re my fastest lens’ at 1.4 and 1.8 shooting at 1/40 and 1600iso. But I would have been much better served with my 17-40 f4 and shooting at 3200 iso. Next time. And next time, I also must gather a Pillow Posse to come with me. So I can fight and shoot simultaneously, instead of watching from the fringes. Shot out to Samba Elegua who were playing out that night! I warmed up a spot on Dundas square, shaking my butt to their beat 🙂


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