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Zahra | Toronto Portrait Photographer

So I met up with Zahra (check her out on twitter: sweetlikez), a few weeks back one Saturday morning for brunch. Cora’s was busy. Z was late, buying batteries (tee hee). The food was yummy and the place was just a tad louder than expected. And we had a great time. After we ate, I of course *forced* her to allow me to take a few photos. Lol – if you know Zahra, I didn’t really have to force her. She has the most beautiful smile. Ear to ear infectious, with the deepest dimples to boot (her mom and brothers both have them). We walked around the back of the plaza and found a little field filled with dandelions. We played and sat in the grass. And I managed to capture a few candid images. Hope you love them Z πŸ™‚


  1. These are beautiful and leave me feeling like I know her a little bit. Love the post. Thank-you for sharing.
    BTW, I have a little Zahra as well, awesome name :o)


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