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Creativity | WORK-ing on it

A fellow photographer, Kim Lovell |, forwarded this article on “How to be creative – the short honest truth” to me. It is SO freaking true! Creative people don’t sit around daydreaming – without action! No, they DO SOMETHING, anything, to make something happen. To make something; create something new. To TRY and LEARN and GROW. You can’t do that looking at other people’s work. Thinking about what you would do. Naw, a true creative JUST DOES IT. Funny, this is exactly where I’m at; again. Motivated by another fellow photographer – Valter Mendes |, who along with a full-time ‘day’ job AND a FAMILY – manages to outshoot me WEEKLY! I have no excuses. I’m single. No kids. WHAT am I doing? Well, as of right now, something. Every week. Every. Single. Week. This is MY call to creative action. And please, feel free to call me out, if you see me slacking! 🙂


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