Ardean Peters: Toronto Photographer | People & Light

Happy B-day to me

“I won’t choose to live, as if I were to follow a lead. And I’ll only give my all and that’s my destiny.
Freezing up, we’re all afraid to fall down; but I’ll pick you up, cause you’re my blood.
Trying to bring me down; I’ll show you that I’m made of love

Connected to all matter like oxygen atoms, I wanna breathe you in so you can show me what you’re made of. (love)

I intend to live, how my heart will show me to be…
And I will only give, to all who is deserving, we…
Only time that I feel lost is when I’m looking outside for something I don’t need.
They try to bring me down. I’ll show you that I’m made of love. (love)

Love is here, I can feel it all around me. Beautiful.
Love is here, like the air we breathe. Beautiful.
Love, love, Love – beautiful. Love, love, Love – beautiful.

Don’t be afraid.
They CAN’T hold us down.
I know I’m blessed and I’m thankful.

For all you’ve given me.

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