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I wanna be Bill Cunningham

Bill Cunningham is an 85 year young photographer living and working in New York city.

I wanna be Bill.

He started shooting street fashion in the 70’s and has been shooting ever since. What stands out to me most is that he has never stopped. He’s 85 and still going. And the reason he’s never stopped is that he is living his passion every single day. He loves to document style and he literally lives and breathes it. As he said, it’s not work – it’s play. This is my goal: to live a life that feels like play everyday. Yes, you take time out for the mundane things; but if the bulk of what you do day to day brings you pleasure and feeds your soul, there can’t be anything wrong with that.

Check out the trailer to the documentary on Bill below. I watched it on netflix. And check him out in the New York Times, commenting on the latest styles.


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