Ardean Peters: Toronto Photographer | People & Light


Ya that’s me. About 19. And obviously a dork. I’d decided to take some self portraits with my Canon range finder 35mm camera. What I was doing here? I have no idea. I do though recall setting the camera atop a bunch of magazines (likely Sassy) on top of a chair. I should’ve moved the camera a little further forward. But hey, this was film and you couldn’t ‘check’ the picture and I was a novice.

Toronto Photographer Ardean Peters


    • I sadly haven’t had the time yet, to really go out and just explore for a morning with my camera. Dang job (I am grateful though) gets in the way. And now we’re moving into fall/winter and less daylight. But, also likely a slow down in portraits etc. so maybe, if I can get it together, I can start making time on weekends to go out and shoot film…


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