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“The easiest way to predict your future is to create it…”

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So that quote is from a book I’m reading called, “Everyday Excellence” and it is authored by a local Torontonian and Poet, by the name of Dwayne Morgan. The full quote is,

“The easiest way to predict your future is to create, and the only way to create it is to dream big dreams.”

So I’m reading this book. I’ve actually had it for a long time. I picked it up last summer (actually maybe was last Feb ’13, as part of Kuumba – I’ve got such a bad memory….) at an event hosted by the same Dwayne Morgan, where he put together a free evening of live music at Toronto’s Harbourfront Centre. He had his books there as well, so I was glad to pick up a copy of the book and support. And I had picked it up and put it down. And picked it up and put it back down again. So I’ve read it on and off, probably making it a third into the book, but I never really fully completed it. So this week, I committed to starting the book again and doing the actual exercises. And if you know me, I hate doing exercises. Not that I hate doing exercises, in books, but I just have a history of books asking me questions that I don’t know how to answer, and I bought the books, for the books to help me figure out that answer. So in the past I’ve purchased the book ‘Purpose Driven Life’, because I wanted to confirm my purpose in life. This was years ago and the first thing it asked was, “What’s your purpose?” Aaarghh!! So, with this book, I’m committing to doing the exercises. So this is from Chapter 2. And its to note that the subtitle of the book is “An Inspirational Memoir”. So he is drawing from his life experiences, how he’s managed to, for the last twenty years (!), to live and work as a Poet. Sortof crazy huh? But he’s lived his passion, never worked any other jobs and been a poet for 20 years. Through the book he is giving lots of anecdotes, poetry to reinforce the ideas in the chapters and talking about how it is that he’s managed to do that. And the mindset that you have to have, along with the ‘work-set’ that you have to have. So Chapter 2 talks about dreams and vision and focus and all the steps you need to do to achieve what your purpose, dreams and goals are. So at the very end of the chapter, there is an activity listed and the activity says to:

“Write two obituaries for yourself, the first, if you were to die today, what do you think would be said, and the second, imagine you living the life you’ve dreamed for yourself, what would it say then?”

This particularly resonates this week for me, because recently I had a death in the family. And at that time it got me thinking what my eulogy would be. And so, this activity came at just the right time. So I wrote my obituaries. I wrote the dream obituary; the dream self of myself, where I’d like to be. Where I don’t think I am currently, although, that’s arguable. But, the life that I envision myself having. So below is that life. I’m putting it out there. And I’m going to keep going with the book as I’m really intrigued by the book. It has lots of positive affirmations and it’s something I’m enjoying and a good way to start my day.

And…….. psych.

Ya, decided that was maybe too personal to share. Sorry 😦

So instead a picture – because pictures are Awesome!
This one is of flags, obviously. What’s interesting though is that it’s film. I think this was taken with my Minolta XGM, which I have since lost, making me so sad. I’m hoping that it somehow got misplaced in my mom’s house somewhere and that it will surface one day… Kensington Market – Toronto

Toronto Photographer Ardean Peters


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