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Cute kid, White Seamless and a Photographer | Toronto Photographer

So this cutie-patooty is Noah. I did this shoot earlier in the year, with him and his parents, obviously. So he is a young model in the Toronto area and they were looking for some new photos. I have to say it was a lot of fun working with a little kid versus an adult. I mean, I do have lot’s of fun working with adults. Actually, I think I become the little kid when working with other adults. 🙂 But working with kids, is of course different. You relate to them differently. You speak to them differently. It’s a whole different mindset working with kids, but it’s SO much fun at the same time. But you really have to mind yourself. You can’t be condescending, because kids understand that; they get that. You can’t be fake, because kids can sense that. So you gotta really work with them and respect them and be honest with them and then you can work together to make good pictures. Now this particular day, Noah was just a bit under the weather. I think he had the beginnings of a cold, but honestly, he was such a professional and a trooper that regardless, he did such an awesome job. He was so cute, I had so much fun. And for the shoot, we shot it all on white, mainly shooting with the 85mm and a wide angle lens. Actually the wide angle lens I used, I don’t usually shoot with it, but forced myself to use it this time and it worked out well. But I am definitely looking at swapping out that lens and getting a prime, the 28mm instead. Which, I think, more fits my style of shooting. So this was a simple 2 light set-up and the key was to just have fun and giving direction. But actually Noah, he really knew what he was doing. I didn’t have to direct him overly much and I just made sure I was ready to capture the shots. I enjoyed the session and welcome working with more kids in the future 🙂

Toronto Photographer Ardean Peters

Toronto Photographer Ardean Peters

Toronto Photographer Ardean Peters

Toronto Photographer Ardean Peters


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