Would you let me capture you on film?

9 thoughts on “Would you let me capture you on film?”

  1. When I started photography in the early 80’s I used film and then being a man of my time I joined the Dark Side with Darth Digital, now that I am back more seriously at photography I am thinking about buying an old 35 mm film camera ….. film gives a different final touch to photos

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    1. It really does, doesn’t it Nelson?! I need to experiment more. And I like that you really have to slow down and think with film. Each image counts, so you have to wait until its just right. Makes you really evaluate what you’re doing.


      1. I am not sure about the price of a 36 shots for film+photos but I remember that was expensive and is probably even more today …….. before you press the button, you make everyting is OK including the focus


  2. I am so much more comfortable with film than with digital cameras. I don’t know why..perhaps like you said, every image counts. From a 36 roll I get more ‘ok’ shots than from a 200- shot afternoon with a digicam. Or perhaps it’s just all in my head. But a shoot with Portra 160? I say go for it..I love that film. Follow this link for (NSFW) examples..Portra 160 in a Yashica TLR with no extra lighting. http://titaniummike.wordpress.com/portfolio/taiwanese-treasure/


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