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The Mindy Project | Toronto Photographer

So, my new favvvvorite program is ‘The Mindy Project’. What’s the Mindy Project you ask? Oh my goodness, how do you not know? Well, I will tell you. Have you ever heard of a show called ‘The Office’? Well Mindy Kaling, she was the ‘brown’ girl on ‘The Office’. Not only did she play a character on the show, I came to find out that she also wrote and produced on the show and now she has written this new show. Oh, my, gosh – I love it so much! I LOVE the character she has created – Mindy Lahiri – this super amazing awesome totally stunning quirky fashionista woman who goes to her own beat. She’s inspired a new love of dresses for me. Her outfits each week are soooooo fun and coordinated so amazingly well. I love that they are fun yet stylish and they reiterate how easy dresses are. On top of that, she’s this gynaecological doctor that just does her own thing. And she’s so fun and the writing is awesome and so hilarious. If you haven’t heard of ‘The Mindy Project’, you need to find out right now. You need to go check it out on Netflix and watch it because it’s totally awesome, because I said so 😉

And for a bit more proof of the awesomeness of this show, here’s a clip I posted on my facebook last week. It’s of doctor Danny dancing to Aaliyah’s ‘Try Again’ for Mindy. I would die if I guy danced like that for me 🙂

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