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So funny. At lunch I was in Winners and I overheard two women talking about clothing and size. In particular about their height. One of them said that she hated being 5’3″. Too short to reach the top pole on the subway or reach high cabinets. I was actually amused to over hear this conversation, cause guess what, I’m exactly 5’3″! And I LOVE my height. I’m neither too short (if you’re shorter than me, well, I feel bad for you son πŸ™‚ ), nor too tall. Most people and guys (bonus!) are taller than me. Yet, I always forget how short I am. It’s not until I’m standing beside a tall person, and we happen to be in front of a reflective surface and I realise, “I’m short”. Lol. Definitely WAY more advantages to being short, I say. πŸ™‚

So after that rant, I want to quickly post a sneak peek from another one of my Hair Portrait Sessions. I was editing this yesterday and apart from remembering how much fun I had photographing JenniferΒ (who also happens to be petite), I was taken, by lovely surprise by, this smile – so I thought I’d share another image from the session. Just ’cause πŸ™‚

Toronto Photographer Ardean Peters


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