Ardean Peters: Toronto Photographer | People & Light

The Prettiest Kate

My name in lights! Well not exactly in lights, but in the credits! I had the opportunity to do photography on “The Prettiest Kate” short, from PrettyFeet Productions. It was really cool to work with a great group of people and watch a production take life. Seeing the final product is amazing. How the director and dop and ad (she kicked butt!), actor’s and EVERYONE’s part fit’s together in the end to make something cohesive is a LOT of work but also really really cool. I was lucky to even play the tiniest part in all of that – trying my best not to get in anyone’s way (too much!).

So go watch it here: – it’s really good and then do me a HUGE favour and click ‘FUNNY’ for me!
The Prettiest Kate - PrettyFeet Productions


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