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Happy Monday | Adapt Adjust Keep Moving

Copyright Ardean Peters

As I sit here listening to some nice grooves by Deejay Efsharp, just finishing some Saturday morning cleaning and browsing around the inner-nets, I came across a lovely quote that is summed up by these three words: Adapt, Adjust, Keep moving. Well, 4 words. And that is what we do inherently, I think. That’s life. We take things as they come and whether good or bad, we do adjust. We adapt to the situation at hand. And life keeps moving on. Probably the real question is what is our attitude during these adjustments. Are we Grudging? Anxious? Resentful? Or a myriad of other things we could be? Or are we accepting? Accepting, with the mindset to keep moving, re-set goals and keep a positive, grateful attitude?

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