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It’s Friday! Wherein I talk about stuff

Amorphous. It feels such. Maybe because it’s September now and I’m feeling like I’m moving into a new chapter. So, to that end, I’m working at being a bit more cohesive, structured and directional. Ooh, those are all good words.

So what has this week entailed? Well… a lot of blogging and writing. It takes a lot of work to even put out a small blog post. Coming up with ideas and photos and a way to write it all down. It’s a challenge, but a good one. Now that it’s starting to become a bit easier, I can focus on unifying my photographic voice and building my wedding & portrait photography business. I’ve also seen good strides with my #RideEveryDayInSept campaign. I’m riding faster, longer and getting stronger, which feels awesome!

I also started a new book. The Monk Who Sold His Ferrari. I’m sure lot’s of you have already read this, as it was published ages ago. But I happened to see it in the library and grabbed it on a whim. If you have read it, let me know what you thought of it and if it’s encouraged you to live your dreams. I’ve only gotten into the first couple of chapters so far and it looks like a fairly ‘easy’ read.

Have a great weekend!


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