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Action is contagious

Action is contagious. I tweeted yesterday: It’s funny how when you start doing things – really doing them, no holds bar – it forces you to figure out things. And I think – I am really realizing – how true this is. If you’re a perfectionist. Get over it. Do it even if you think there are mistakes in it. You can fix it later. The fact that you put it into action and that there is a later, is what matters. If you’re scared to try. That’s okay. Be scared and do it anyway. Most times, you find out, that it wasn’t so bad after all. These, like everything I post, are first and foremost questions & challenges I pose to myself. And my current challenge to myself, is to keep the action that I’ve started going. Don’t stop. Hustle hard. Keep creating. Keep moving. And hopefully you and I, will not only keep our action going, but also inspire those around us to get moving too.
Toronto Photographer Ardean Peters

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