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Oh the light and the dark

Light Photography: The dark and the light

Sometimes you have to force yourself to see the light. Sometimes darkness is all you can see. All you allow yourself to see. But the light is always there, you eventually realise. Waiting for you to look up and notice it. Notice how it calls you. How it stands hidden in plain sight. How it plays with the dark. How, they – light and dark – can balance each other, if you let them.

Bright light on a sunny afternoon can be the perfect time to find beautifully balanced black and white images.

I love the large scale of the building juxtaposed to the small figure of the person walking by.

Toronto Light Photographer - Ardean Peters

Camera: Canon XTI with 18-55 kit lens, f4, 1/1250, Iso 100, 18mm (crop sensor)


I love the balance of negative space here, punctuated by the tower rising up in the background & the elements on either side balancing the image.

Toronto Light Photographer - Ardean Peters

Camera: Canon XTI with 18-55 kit lens, f4, 1/2000, Iso 100, 18mm (crop sensor)


This is my favourite of these 3 images & perhaps the simplest. There is something about light reflected in windows that I really love.

Toronto Light Photographer - Ardean Peters

Camera: Canon XTI with 18-55 kit lens, f4, 1/4000, Iso 100, 18mm (crop sensor)

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Toronto Photographer Ardean Peters

When’s the last time you had photos taken of you? Not for your License or Health card or work security badge, but for you? Images that reflect and document who you are right now? Images to print (yes print!) and share with friends and loved ones near and far? Well, here’s your chance to win a free Personal Portrait Session.  A chance to indulge yourself and have fun while doing so.

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