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A bit about my blog

So yesterday I updated this blog with some posts from a new blog that I had started to track my fitness goals. I started a separate blog because I thought it’d be better to keep my ‘personal’ stuff apart from my ‘photography’ stuff. But then I realized, that that is just too much work.

“I can’t separate out all the parts of me. It’s too hard. Better just to give you the whole jumbled mess.”

So I decided to just put everything together and deal with it.

I haven’t ‘blogged’ proper in a long time. Or at least, I haven’t shared anything publicly in a long time. I have a private blog that I post to, but it’s the totally boring, depressing, whining and complaining type of blog. No-one wants to hear me whine. Trust me.

So this blog, I started back in 2010. When I got my 1st dslr in 2008, I’d started a flickr account and then moved to a Blogger blog. But eventually I moved to WordPress and have been here ever since. I’ve dabbled in other site’s, but this blog has held out the longest. So here I am.

Going forward – but totally don’t hold me to this – I’ll be posting whatever I want here be it personal or photography related. Just a general outlet. And maybe, just maybe, I’ll get back into the groove of it. There is something nice about creating, even just a random blog post and putting it out there into the world.

And because photos make things better…

A Portrait of Annie | Canon 5DMkII 85mm, iso 100, 1/250, octogan umbrella with speedlight

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