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This beautiful light

Sometimes (many times) you try something new or different and it fails. You can give up or make what you got work AND try again. This beautiful light is Dana. A long time collaborator who makes it easy for me and brings me chocolates.

These images did not turn out how I wanted. I underexposed (yay for ‘raw’). Was trying to shoot ‘differently’ than I do. And while that’s good – to try new things – I was also working on different lighting and that was ‘too much’. But still a success. We made some pretty nice images and I learned. And that is key, because next time, I’ll be that much further ahead. It’s why I love photography I suppose, there is always something new to try/experiment with and learn from.


    • Ardean Peters

      I do like it! I do, I do. But, maybe it’s the perfectionist in me – but I want to get the light ‘perfect’ as possible in camera. My fav image from this set, is the bottom right portrait. I like it because I really like to see more shadows creating more dimension. 🙂


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