In Bed With Awesome Women: Portrait Series

Hey everybody! I’m SOOO excited to finally be able to invite you to my ‘In-Bed’ Portrait Series event night. I worked on these portraits with these awesome women and I’d LOVE to share them with you! Along with the photos, there will be hors d’oeuvre’s, music and conversation! :)

Ardean Peters of Photography by Ardean invites you out for an evening of Portraits, Hors d’oeuvre’s, Music and Conversation.

In her ‘In Bed with Awesome Women: Portrait Series’, Ardean created a series of images that captures the authenticity of 11 beautiful women (plus 1 future woman :) ). The women featured in the series are a range of dynamic people from small business owners, to actors, dancers and paddle boarding diva’s! Come join Ardean for a wonderful evening, getting to know these woman and being inspired by their stories.

When: Saturday, September 10, 2016 from 3:00 pm to 6:00 pm
Where: Lemon Tree Studio – 58 Stewart Street King and Bathurst, Toronto, ON M5V 1H6

*Note: This is a family friendly event. Children are welcome!

Click here for FREE tickets:

Portrait Photo Shoot with Toronto Photographer Ardean Peters

Portrait Photo Shoot with Toronto Photographer Ardean Peters

Portrait Photo Shoot with Toronto Photographer Ardean Peters

Portrait Photo Shoot with Toronto Photographer Ardean Peters

A sneak peak & meet Stacy-Ann

Portrait Series: She’s the boss (in a really cool & inspiring way :)

Portrait Photo Shoot with Toronto Photographer Ardean Peters‘In-Bed’ with Awesomely Authentic Women
Car accidents & sleepless nights can’t stop her. The Awesomely Authentic Woman featured above, is Stacy-Ann Buchanan. Actress, Producer, Film-maker, AH-mazing Woman. 

Connect with her online here: & buchanan

So here’s another sneak peek of my on-going portrait series, where I’m learning just how awesome women really are. Meet Stacy-Ann, a woman with many hats and who has made her path in Creative Entrepreneur-ism that lead her to producing the documentary The Blind Stigma.

I had an amazing time photographing Stacy-Ann who is so full of life and inspiration. Actually, although this was our first time meeting in person, we’d been ‘acquainted’ online for many years and through circumstance, never actually made the connection off-line, so I’m quite thrilled we finally did.

Look out for more sneak peeks as I continue this series, which is leading up to a showcase of all the final images (not the ones from the sneak peeks!), which I’m excited to share with the participants and everyone else!

March Give-away: Win a Personal Portrait Session

Portrait Photo Shoot with Toronto Photographer Ardean Peters

When’s the last time you had photos taken of you? Not for your License or Health card or work security badge, but for you? Images that reflect and document who you are right now? Images to print (yes print!) and share with friends and loved ones near and far? Well, here’s your chance to win a free Personal Portrait Session.  A chance to indulge yourself and have fun while doing so.

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Entry deadline: Thur Mar 31st
The winner’s free session will be scheduled on or before Apr 30th, 2016, at my home studio in Toronto or on location in downtown Toronto. Note: Photos from the session will be featured on my Website & Social Media accounts. Free session is not transferable.

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