Ardean Peters: Toronto Photographer | People & Light

Amber – Sugar Skull | Toronto Portrait Photography

{make-up by Cory Graham-Smith}
Canon 5DMkII | Canon 50mm f1.4 | 1/125 | ISO50 | f1.4

An interesting shoot and my first using black seamless. Shot with one speedlight in a 28″ softbox and 1 bare speedlite on the background. I loved the make-up and love some of the really awesome images that came out of this. Just wish that I had had the foresight to come up with a good concept to go along with it. Now that it’s done – I can see many more possibilities that could have been done. Well, that’s why I’ll be shooting tomorrow and tomorrow after, to keep learning and trying new things. {Dee’s pics still to come…}


  1. I was sooooooooooooooooooooooo tired by the end of this shoot and yet both you & I picked images from the time I was most tired. I think my not so great attitude was coming through at the end, making for slightly more interesting pictures.

    However I think they are lovely & different & great shots!

    Dee will be moving to Brampton this month so perhaps I can make it up to both you & Dee & think of another great concept for all of our portfolios that we can do in the coming months before I move!


  2. r*dean

    this shot totally reminds me of this
    Tired, but also relaxed, which I seeing is when I’m able to get the best pictures from a subject, because I think my directing skills are still very much lacking – so at the beginning of shoots, it’s still ‘stiff’. That plus I need to work on having a very strong and specific concept going into the shoot – and stick with trying to achieve that. It’s hard too, cause I am still experimenting and learning lighting.

    And yes, I love these ones [and others too – but can only post so many].

    Absolutely we can do that!

    And just cause you’re moving, doesn’t mean I won’t come stalking you to shoot 🙂


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