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Barry Szeto – Toronto Singer | Toronto Portrait Photography

Barry Szeto ~ | I think I’m starting to see a trend with musicians. So far the ones I know, all project a happy, positive, infectious, spirit: and Barry is no exception. Even though he had performed the night before, and so was working off of little sleep, he was welcoming and energetic and ready to rock this shoot, which he did nicely. The two black and white pics below, were done in ‘the studio’ [remember that Barry?!] and the leading pic, one of my favs, was captured on Queen Street. It’s probably not a typical picture of Barry that you’d see, but I like it because I think it captures a glimpse of his soul. A couple of times during the shoot, I asked him to sing, cause, well, he is a singer. And boy, I can say that he can SANG! He just lit up and started grooving. And while listening to your fav song or album on your ipod, youtube or dare I say cd player, gets you grooving and feeling, it’s not quite the same as what is evoked when you are listening to live music, to someone putting their heart into, right there in front of you.

a short behind the scenes video

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