Ardean Peters: Toronto Photographer | People & Light


    • r*dean

      Aww, thanks! It’s a some type of tropical plant that I bought the other day.
      I was inspired to take some photos of it and to try and shoot not quite so wide open – this is at f3.5!


  1. maybe it’s a good thing that i have that one zoom lens. f/4 is the smallest. ya it’s a pro but it kills me when the light is low. def made me learn to use the flash more =)
    love the words on your post ~ deadlines each week huh?
    no current projects so i’m enjoying the break. i’ve got a couple of pro-bono sessions that i’ll probably campaign for but….yawn/stretch….there’s august around the corner so maybe… =P
    how have you been? were you able to accomplish your deadlines?


  2. r*dean

    the 70-200 f4? I’ve been thinking I want to get that [maybe even the non-is version], cause it’s WAY cheaper then the f2.8 IS – and coupled with my mkii, even with only f4, if i need to, i can push the iso.

    i NEED to take a break. was supposed to be doing that this week – and JUST getting caught up, but instead I’m getting sidetracked. sigh…

    i may have a couple of 2nd shooting gigs for Sept and a friend is hiring me to do maternity photos end of Aug – so that’s good 🙂

    really hoping to move for Sept. then i can practise my street photography and challenge myself to just shoot with one lens.


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