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I am not a fashionista

I only went in for a usb key/jump drive and new underwear and came out with a new wardrobe.

Actually, good timing in that currently all the new fall clothing and shoes seem to have just come in – so I got my pick of shoes!

And it may look like a lot of shoes, but 1. this is [Wal]mart and therefore cheap and 2. I literally only had 1 pair of shoes that I wore every day to work. My problem with shoes is that I have wide feet and am a size 9/10, and can never find shoes to fit & can’t wear heels and hate ‘lady’ shoes. Note: 2 of the 4 pairs are round toes!! AND they all are comfy and flexible – Yay 🙂

Inspired by Miss Carletta The Great and her photo’s of her outfits. And now seeing her video of her closet – well my ‘new wardrobe’ is laughable, but a start! 🙂

f1.4, 1/40, ISO 3200

New wardrobe - Fresh Start


  1. FIRST OF ALL – those shoes are effing fantastical and will take you SO FAR. Seriously. When I saw this I immediately had to go to my google reader so that I could show you this blog – it’s a blog compromised of fashionable outfits from …wal-mart. ALSO – do not trip, I definitely get things at Wal-Mart (like this jacket by Norma Kamali – also Forever 21 – it’s annoying as shit to go there, but a lot of my cute little dresses and trendier/disposable clothing comes from there. SO excited to see this ❤


  2. This makes me want to gut my closet and use yours as inspiration. I have too much and 99.999% either don’t fit or I haven’t worn in eons. I love this idea ~ how everything coordinates. Hmmm…maybe this weekend =)


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