Backyard photowalk

6 thoughts on “Backyard photowalk”

  1. jealous that you have a backyard! i would have to make a point to visit an arboretum to get anything close to what you found here. summer where i am gets pretty hot and dusty (San Fernando Valley, CA). blog template!


  2. I never would have known that, seeing as how your stream is filled with such lovely floral and nature images!

    I haven’t been in it at all this summer. Been so focused on NOT wanting to be in the burbs – but then I thought as I’m sitting outside, I’m LUCKY to have this, if I DO have to live out here for a time more! I need to complain less and take advantage more 🙂

    I just thought I might look to see if there are any other templates I might like. And realised they had some newer releases. I liked the ‘blogum’, ‘esquire’ and ‘matala’, started playing around with ‘matala’… and now I have a new template – lol 🙂 I love the ‘matala’ background, but it’s pretty distinct – but it made me realise I could have a fixed background of my own design – so I modified my twitter background. And the great thing is, I can sway out the pics any time 🙂

    I did want to do the rotating image banner but have no clue how to do that!


    1. Thanks Melissa! These were all shot with the 55-250mm lens (you have that right?) and I think my 50D (although I must admit I’ve been sleeping on my XTI since getting my other cams – and in good light – the XTI produces some really nice, creamy and warm toned images).


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