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Altrooist me

I’ve been waiting for this site to launch, for awhile.
You see it’s founded by this girl named Heather Burgess.
How do I know Heather? Well, I don’t actually. But I was a faithful reader of her old blog, many moons ago. Then through her flickr stream, I found out that she was working on this project, and I must have signed up for updates, because yesterday {or maybe a few days before that}, I got an email inviting me to join. And so I did. Why? Because…

Altrooist is a site where you can share your good deeds and see what do-gooding your friends are up to. We believe small acts of kindness added together make big change.

Ain’t that sorta great? I think so. And it’s something I’d been discussing a lot with my sister. It’s been on my mind.

So this is me on Altrooist. What shall my first good deed be???

And hey, we could even be Altrooist‘s together!

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