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end of the week wrap up

I’m SOOOO tired. What with being sick the beginning of the week and then late nights the latter part, I need to go to bed, like now. Right after I write this little blog post…

This weekend will be filled with some catch up photo editing and some gardening, which will entail a whole lot of weed pulling – oh fun! What’s really fun is that I just came across this site: Word11, Toronto’s Blogging Festival.

WORD11 is the world’s first 24-HOUR blogging festival shared by fun, down-to-earth and engaging guest speakers from across North America on challenges and experiences they have had with blogging. WORD11 is an OPEN multi-platform medium – focused on educating and engaging you on the business of blogging. We can show you what it is all about to where it can take you and how you can monetize it.

Who knew? I sure didn’t, but I do now! I just submitted to attend as part of the media. Maybe they’ll take pity on me and my little old blog. I really enjoy photo-journalistic event, photography and would love to be able to break into it, and find out how to get paid gigs 🙂 The festival will be hosted in Toronto’s Annex at the CSI (an amazing resource for small business, that happens to be resident in the most beautiful old building!) and at Toronto’s World Famous Honest Ed’s. They promises to be a really educational and fun event!

So off to bed I a go. Maybe watch a little t.v. until I fall asleep. Here’s a few pics to round out the post…

Images © Ardean Peters


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