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Francisca & Jeff — Toronto Family Photographer

Francisca & Jeff are acquaintances and good friends of my sister Tania, who is excitedly awaiting news of the birth, from her final week on her Costa Rica retreat. They are due to have their little one, any time now! I’ve already called dibs on getting to photograph the newborn pics πŸ™‚

I had a great time shooting this couple. Fran being the slightly more reserved {I’m sure being term will do that to ya!} of the two and Jeff being his relaxed, carefree self. He was quite excited when we caught sight of this bird and as it took off, which I just managed to catch in my view finder.

The day was on the dark side, but we made best of the beautiful Kariya Park in Mississauga.
It’s a very small park, but extremely well designed, with beautiful little tableau’s throughout. We made it out, just as the rain started!

All images copyright Ardean Peters


  1. ardean

    Thanks! They are a great couple and seem to balance each other well.
    I thought adding the ‘push’ in, would be a cute nod to what will be happening anytime now πŸ˜€


    • ardean

      Thanks! I like it for that reason and I think also, I love the depth created in the image, with things in the fore, mid and background πŸ™‚


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