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Emilia – Toronto Portrait Photography

On a superbly foggy Saturday morning 3 weeks ago, I ventured out to the Scarborough Bluffs Park with Emilia for a portrait shoot. The fog was unexpected that morning, but welcome. This was my first time to the park and with the fog, I wasn’t able to venture out to the actual bluffs. But I will definitely be making a trip back to explore and see if I can find some of the sites of a Toronto Photographer Michael Mitchener, who I follow on Flickr, manages to capture.
What the fog does do, is intensify colour. Straight out of the camera, you are met with colour that just pops off the page. This is only my second time shooting in the fog and I hope to be able to seize more opportunities, so I can get better at taking advantage of it. This is also my 3rd time photographing Emilia. As always, we had a great time working together and hiking around the park!

All images copyright © Ardean Peters


    • ardean

      She is a doll. It was that overcast, foggy sky! Definitely will try and get out again to shoot in it. I usually just take out any excess red or warm up the skin if needed. I wish I could see how this looked on other monitors though!


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