Baby Sophie — Toronto Newborn Photography

8 thoughts on “Baby Sophie — Toronto Newborn Photography”

    1. Thanks Shayne! Good luck and timing! I love when you can see the little expressions that they’ll start to make more purposefully, when they get older 🙂


    1. Thanks Jen! Babies are definitely the hardest. You have to have a LOT of patience!
      But it’s so worth, cause they are SO precious and perfect.


  1. You’re my ~go-to~person~ then when I get this same opportunity. Thanks for the tip about the ideal time to do the session. I love all of the images Ardean! I do agree that the ‘lifestyle’ view is so much more emotional.


    1. I’ll give you any advice I can, but I’m still in that major learning stage with this! So far I’ve learned that patience is the biggest thing!


  2. I am a special friend of Erin and Matt as well as their Real Estate agent. I need to talk to you about using your photography expertise with future clients’ babies. Your work is breathetaking!!! You truly capture the essence of an enfant in all their glory!!!!!!!!!!!!! Kelly


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