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Baby Sophie — Toronto Newborn Photography

I had the opportunity through my friend Sandy {how we met & how much support she has shown me, is an interesting story}, to photograph Baby Sophie, who at the time was just a 9 day old, much loved addition to Erin & Matt’s family. I am new to new-born photography, so this was a thrill & a challenge! It’s said that it’s ideal to photograph new borns from 0-10 days new. When they are still so little, they are the sleepiest and curliest. So if you want to do those amazing baby images that Anne Geddes popularized {and she took it to the next level!}, then the earlier the better! At 9 days old, Sophie was super alert and a fiesty little thing that just abhorred the cold and she let us know! As it is, my style currently leans toward ‘lifestyle’ portraiture. I define that as capturing as much as possible, the ‘real-life’ moments that occur. Little snap shots of life. We had plenty of those, including 2 episodes of peeing! But that’s what you get when you let a new-born bare it all 🙂

Matt & Erin: It was a pleasure being able to come and document a small part of your new family. You both have such a calm presence and down-to-earth-ness {I’m making that up!}, that I know Sophie is going to have a wonderful, love filled life.

All images copyright © Ardean Peters

this ‘says’ it all

can’t argue with that look

Erin: I see where Sophie gets it from – gorgeous eyes!

What a beautiful family 🙂

daddy’s little girl

especially for mom


    • ardean

      Thanks Shayne! Good luck and timing! I love when you can see the little expressions that they’ll start to make more purposefully, when they get older 🙂


  1. You’re my ~go-to~person~ then when I get this same opportunity. Thanks for the tip about the ideal time to do the session. I love all of the images Ardean! I do agree that the ‘lifestyle’ view is so much more emotional.


  2. I am a special friend of Erin and Matt as well as their Real Estate agent. I need to talk to you about using your photography expertise with future clients’ babies. Your work is breathetaking!!! You truly capture the essence of an enfant in all their glory!!!!!!!!!!!!! Kelly


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