Neda’s Wonderland shoot — Behind the Scenes

8 thoughts on “Neda’s Wonderland shoot — Behind the Scenes”

  1. Thanks! You mean the one of ‘Alice’, looking up into the sky?
    She was quite fun and an actor actually. She totally got into playing the role.
    I need to contact her to do some lifestyle photography work with me.


    1. I’m really coming to understand how well shade works {if you can’t shoot early a.m., later afternoon or on a nice overcast day.}

      Man, I saw this blog yesterday: it’s beautiful here.
      I loved the look of it, the large header and the hello & welcome description box – so I set out to see if I could find another free template that was similar. I finally came across this one and starting playing with it. I was initially trying to do something similar to the old blog template – I kept making these headers that looked cheesy! I didn’t have a photo similar to the one used on the ‘it’s beautiful here’ blog – so nothing was working – then I got the idea to use the image of the girls face and then got further inspired to add the second pic and voila!

      I’d used the gallery once before, but never thought to use it since – until last night and I remembered you could add one. I really like the gallery. It’s nice and simple enough and easier to show a lot of pics at once.

      I really like it. It’s simplicity. I think it’s more professional looking and grown up for me – but still has a bit of style to it. Now to re-do my website to something simple and with big pics on it.


      1. as soon as it came out, i switched ~ much happier with this than the 2011 temp..
        your other posts look amazing the huge images – really shows the details and the rich colors.
        last thing ~ i promise =)
        this template has a ‘random’ header feature. you can upload several different images and as people navigate through the different categories the header changes..
        caution~make sure its images you truly like..
        i had a pile of different images uploaded but couldn’t figure out how to replace them after not liking one or two


      2. OMG! I didn’t even realise it was the same template!
        I had noticed when you changed it and I commented on your vacay pics, but I’m so duh!

        How did you get the Website tab to go to your main site? I didn’t think you could do that on a free template.

        Yes, that’s why I picked it too – so I could have nice big landscape pics and that it was a sans serif/small clean font.

        I played with the random feature briefly. But like you said, I couldn’t think of pic combo’s I liked as much as the one’s in the header now – so left it as is for now.

        Ya, it seems you have to delete ALL the header images you uploaded and re-load them again, if you don’t like the combo’s.

        I tried to add my gravatar in a widget, but I couldn’t get it to work 😦


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